Korea Wedding Trand & Value

Korea wedding pledge's  safely and happnies stores your wedding photos, 

videos, jorney, album & frmae, premieum service wedding in korea ,

 and more - and keeps them deverlpoted across all for you. 

so you always have choice to what you want, what you style want it.

if you needs special wedding service, you can go to callery of seoul studio, 

visit an authorized service korean studio. whatever you choose, we'll make 

sure your korean style wedding works the way it should.

UNESCO, 2010 World Geological Park Certification. 

In addition, Jeju has all the themes of the world's natural landscape 

(islands, volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, national parks, caves and forests). 



Shooting day 5~10/12/2019




Wedding of Concept
We remember your memories. And Hope your happiness.

Classic & Vintage

Your beautiful pre-wedding photo. we was choose your best photo. Thanks^^

Simple & morden

Photograhper in may studio was said you are so beutiful memories.  if you come to korea agian, we can see agian.

Elegant & Romantic

Dals studio was maked beutiful  your photo. nice shooting.^^ see you agian my friend

Natural & Colorful

i will make your memories. and we hope to your happniess your life.